The Band was formed as the Croydon Temperance Silver Band in 1911.

It has subsequently undergone a number of name changes:

Croydon Borough Band
Croydon Co-op Brass Band 1977 - 1998
Croydon Brass Band 1998 - 2009
Croydon Brass  2010 - present

The Band has rehearsed in several different venues in Croydon over the years.  In 1967, with the development of Croydon Town Centre, the Band was left homeless.  This meant a move out of Croydon and for the following ten years the Band rehearsed in the Sutton Arts Centre.  In 1977 the Band secured a sponsorship deal with the South Suburban Co-operative Society.  The Band then rehearsed at the London Road Co-op store in Croydon, until the Band was forced to move when the store was closed.  After a spell rehearsing in Addiscombe the Band moved to its present home, the Parchmore Methodist Church and Community Centre in Thornton Heath. 

Musical Directors

Matthew Hackett 1979 - 2003 
Paul Martin 2005 - 2010 
Paul Goodwin 2010 - 2013
Gordon Kelly 2013 - Present 

Help us to fill in the gaps!

The Band has gone through a number of incarnations in its 100 year history and we would like to present a more detailed history.  If you have any information or photos that would help us compile this then please get in touch.