The Band was originally formed as the Croydon Temperance Silver Band in 1911.

It has subsequently undergone a number of name changes:

Croydon Borough Band
Croydon Co-op Brass Band 1977 - 1998
Croydon Brass Band 1998 - 2009
Croydon Brass  2010 - present

The Band has rehearsed in several different venues in Croydon over the years.  In 1967, with the development of Croydon Town Centre, the Band was left homeless.  This meant a move out of Croydon and for the following ten years the Band rehearsed in the Sutton Arts Centre.  In 1977 the Band secured a sponsorship deal with the South Suburban Co-operative Society.  The Band then rehearsed at the London Road Co-op store in Croydon, until the Band was forced to move when the store was closed.  After a spell rehearsing in Addiscombe the Band moved to Parchmore Methodist Church and Community Centre in Thornton Heath where it remained until the end of 2018.  In January 2019, the Band moved into its new home at Stanley Halls in South Norwood.  

Not our usual attire - but shows we've lightened up a little since 1911
(Not our usual attire, but shows we've lightened up a little since 1911!)

Musical Directors

 Alf H Jarvis  1960s & 1970s
 Matthew Hackett  1979 - 2003
 Paul Martin  2005 - 2010
 Paul Goodwin     2010 - 2013
 Gordon Kelly         2013 - 2017
 Paula Goodwin     2017 - Present

Help us to fill in the gaps!

The Band has gone through a number of incarnations in its 100+ year history and we would like to present a more detailed history.  If you have any information or photos that would help us compile this then please get in touch.